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Electric Motor Modification – EMS Plus 

Motor modification program of standard cataloged gearmotors. "Out of the box, ready to install"

At Electric Motor Service, we specialize in customizing standard Bodine Electric gearmotors, while maintaining their factory warranty. We offer all kinds of electric motor modification on all our standard cataloged gearmotors, from output shaft position, dual output shaft configuration, stainless steel output shafts, adding an electric motor accessory shaft to mount brakes or encoders, special voltages, synchronized motor windings, adding terminal boxes, providing customer specified cabling & connectors, special coatings, special lubricants (i.e. low & high temperature greases, food grade oils, etc.) and much more.

These electric gearmotor modification capabilities also allow us to retrofit competitors gearmotors including, Dayton gearmotors, Groschcopp gearmotors, Leeson gearmotors, Bratu gearmotors and obsolete Baldor gearmotors.


Here is a look at some of the modifications and electric gearmotor accessories we offer at Electric Motor Service: 

EMS Plus by Electric Motor Service

Output shaft position

  • Left hand
  • Right hand
  • Shaft up or down

Output shaft modifications

  • Add a keyway, straight or woodruff
  • Shorten or lengthen the shaft
  • Cross drilled hole
  • Change diameter, English or metric
  • Stainless steel

Motor leads

  • 12, 3 , 6 or 9 o'clock positions
  • Terminal box mounted with customer specified connector
  • Customer cable lengths & connectors (Stop splicing & let us complete the wiring connection.)


  • Change oil to grease
  • Hi-temp, Lo-temp or synthetic
  • Food grade available

Accessory shaft

  • Add holding brake, encoder or both.
  • Add an accessory shaft to any standard product.
  • Drill & tap armature for Dart encoder.

Additional services

  • Dual voltage windings
  • 50Hz windings
  • 575V windings
  • Protective coating (Dip process)
  • Mounting brackets
  • Rubber boots for DC motors for harsh/outdoor environments.

EMSPLUSModification Videos

Factory standard, single output shaft converted to a custom dual output shaft
Factory standard, 115vac converted to 230vac plus terminal box with prewired capacitor installed.
Factory standard with machined terminal box to position and accept AMP connector.
Building a subassembly - a modified gearmotor prewired to interface with the Dart Control & Encoder.

Whether it is one or one hundred,all modifications done by EMS retain the Bodine factory warranty.

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