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Dart Controls - DC Drives & Accessories from EMS

dart1EMS of Freemont California is peased to be a distributor for the Dart Controls family of products.  We serve the entire United States.  We can help with your design and customization of your new drive system and also provide machining services to tailor your system to match your existing equipment.

About Dart Controls

USA-based, ISO9001:2008 registered manufacturer of analog, digital and brushless DC drives and accessories.  Employing Lean Manufacturing principles, Dart delivers product when it is needed - enabling customers to manage cash flow and maximize value for their dollar spent.  Since 1963, Dart Controls has been designing and manufacturing variable speed drives, controls and accessories for electric motors

Dart’s Comprehensive Product Line Includes

DC SCR Controls: AC in, DC out; chassis and enclosed; adjustable HP; some models include FWD/REV, isolated signal follower and other options

Digital DC Controls: AC in, DC out; panel mount and enclosed; closed loop accuracy; programmable display and alarm outputs; Rate, Time and Follower (% of Master)

Brushless DC Controls: Line voltage and low voltage; open and closed loop; chassis and enclosed; programmable digital model; to 1000W

Low Voltage DC Controls: DC in,nDC out; chassis and enclosed; 12-48V models;mused in solar, portable equipment and truck / vehicle applications

Digital Drive Accessories: Digital programmable speed pots; closed-loop ‘SMART’ speed pots for single and multi-motor Master/Follower applications; tachometers

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